The Triangle in Binary Options

One of the most simple and clear strategies that can help binary options traders to get oriented in pricing matters is the Triangle Strategy. If the price increases, then there is an ascending triangle, and respectively, if it goes down, we have a descending triangle. Both types are formed in a bearish or bullish market […]

Raphael Binary Option Strategy

Raphael Binary option strategyThe Raphael binary option strategy is considered an ultra short term trading strategy that is akin to scalping. It is extremely popular among many traders for its simplicity and profitable outcome. Essentially, the strategy calls for a careful observation of the market over three different time frames of decreasing scale. Initially, the […]

Binary Options Basics: History, Asset Types and Workings

For many years, trading the financial markets was the reserve of financial institutions and professional investors only. The advent of the internet brought currency trading to the individuals, but still, a strong understanding and experience of the markets was needed as the risk to the beginner was multiplied by the leveraged trading, which meant it […]